WILLY, 48k about a Legend.

Paolo Santagostion’s documentary explores the legendary platform games Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

If you had to choose one video-game character to represent the Sinclair Spectrum, chances are it would be Miner Willy. He first leapt onto our screens in 1983 as the hero of Manic Miner, negotiating his way through 20 underground caverns populated by a myriad of strange creatures. He returned the following year in Jet Set Willy, this time set in a sprawling mansion with 60 interconnected rooms and a cast of surreal inhabitants.

The game became a definitive title of the era and continues to inspire and intrigue gamers three decades on. Join us in the Gallery after the screening to experience Jet Set Willy on various consoles – helped by Gary at Retro Gamers.

Film duration 45 mins