Banished From Beyond

Banished From Beyond is a single player third-person survival stealth game that takes place within an ethereal gothic purgatory called the Veil, a hidden spiritual prison between two worlds, the living and the dead. You play as Ann, a religious nun who has perished tragically in the 1666 Great Fire of London during the last years of the Black Plague epidemic. It depicts her consequential banishment from what lies beyond death as her soul is sentenced to eternal damnation in the Veil. You now awaken as her ethereal dying soul as you attempt to survive the aftermath of these tragic events in a dangerous and unforgiving afterlife, populated by the many other victims who have shared the same fate. You will endure the harrowing nature of human suffering and desperation as you struggle to redeem her dying soul piece by piece, and be released into the Beyond before it is consumed by the Veil, or corroded by your own darkness.

Platforms: PC 
Ages: 12+ 
Developer: Banished From Beyond