CodeMe Creator

CodeMe Creator helps children create their own basic platform games. It aims to be the world's largest crowd-sourced game made by children.

Anyone can create a level and this gets added to the overall game!

Artwork for the games is being created by students in Bangladesh, giving them a real life project to work on as well as a source of income. The game is highly accessible and is being co-created with staff and students at a Special Needs School as part of a larger research initiative called EDUCATE (

Later on this year, Luke plans to livestream a complete play-through of the game (which could have hundreds or thousands of levels!) from Bangladesh to raise funds to build a new school.

The project is led by independent developers and teachers Luke Doyle and Kobir Uddin. Luke and Kobir are also the co-founders of a charity that teaches coding skills to underprivileged young people in Bangladesh (

Platforms: Mobile  PC 
Ages: Suitable for all ages 
Developer: SwopBots Ltd