Growth Spiral

Growth Spiral is a 3rd-person tower defense game set in a 90s inspired dream-world. The game's overarching theme focuses on the battle between the robotic and the magical. The wave-based gameplay involves the growing of plants, such as seed-shooting sunflowers that help you to defeat the invading robotic insects that are attempting to steal from your energy stockpile. If your stockpile runs out, or the protagonist is defeated, then it's game over! The main level is a child's bedroom that provides plenty of obstacles and verticality for our tiny fairy protagonist to navigate. We hope that the playful theme and nostalgic elements of the game provide enjoyment for a wide audience. Growth Spiral is currently being developed by 7 NUA students as part of our final year 2 project. We are currently developing it for PC. Please note that the majority of assets are currently in the blockout phase and our logo is currently a WIP! We're currently not at the stage to provide gameplay footage, but we'll be working hard throughout Easter to create a fun experience and hopefully gain some helpful feedback from the festival.

Platforms: PC 
Ages: Everyone! 
Developer: Growth Spiral



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