Kung Fu Jesus and the search for Celestial Gold

I found myself in a trance state like nothing I had ever felt before and woke up in another world. On the universal walkway they called "Rainbow Road" I met Father Sun. He reminded me of my connection to him and told me to follow the white rabbit. The white rabbit led me on a journey to "The Nameless One's Asylum" where I had the most intense realisation, what I thought was myth, what I thought was legend, what I thought was conspiracy theory, was now a reality. Seems I have sparked the interest of some the darkest forces of the galaxy . I'm not who I thought I was, I am Kung Fu Jesus. Welcome To My World!

From Celestial Gold Studios, "Kung Fu Jesus and the search for Celestial Gold" is a hi-octane, story driven, action RPG..

Platforms: PC 
Ages: 10+ 
Developer: Celestial Gold Studios



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