Savage Slopes

Savage Slopes is a procedurally generated skiing game about navigating your way down an infinite mountain at an ever-increasing pace. As well as being available on mobile and tablet, XMPT Games have designed a special version specifically for exhibiting at events that lets players shred down the slopes using a Wii Balance board.

Speed past moving cable cars, fly over ski jumps, and slalom around other skiers as you descend the never-ending mountain and straight to the top of the leaderboards.

Every time a player crashes - and is inevitably flung careering off of their skis - they pick from a randomly generated set of heirs to use in their next run, each with their own unique traits and statistics. More traits, abilities and challenges are unlocked the more you play!

Platforms: Mobile  Wii Balance Board 
Ages: Suitable for all ages 
Developer: XMPT Games

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